Cisco Support APIs


Customers and partners want a fast, easy solution to access Cisco support information that allows them to choose how they integrate the Cisco support information into their existing business & network operations, tools, applications, and systems. Cisco Support APIs allows customers and partners to programmatically request Cisco support information from anywhere, anytime and any device.

Currently Cisco offers following support APIs,

  • EoX API
    • EOX API provides access to Cisco EOX product data. Using the EOX API, customers and partners can request Cisco EOX product information for both hardware and software using a variety of input mechanisms. For more information on Cisco EOX products and the EOX lifecycle, see Cisco End-of-Life Policy.
    • Protocols: REST and SOAP.
  • Case API
    • Case API provides access to Cisco Support Case information. Using the Case API, customers and partners can request case information for either specific support cases or at an aggregate level i.e. user, contract or customer level. For more information visit Support Case Manager.
    • Protocols: REST Only.
  • Service Order Return (RMA) API
    • Service Order Return (RMA) API provides access to Return Material Authorization (RMA) information. Customers and partners can request returns information for either specific returns or at an aggregate level (i.e. user level) using variety of input parameters. For more information visit Service Order RMA Tool.
    • Protocols: REST Only.
  • Software Suggestion API (Limited Availability)
    • Software Suggestion API streamlines the software selection process by providing the necessary information to assist you in making intelligent choices for upgrading your software. Using the Software Suggestion API, customers and partners can request suggested software release information based on product identifier and software attributes. For more information visit Software Research tool.
    • Protocols: REST Only.
  • Automated Software Distribution API (Limited Availability)
    • Checking the integrity of the software image using MD5checksum is a critical activity performed prior to upgrades. Cisco Automated Software Distribution API provides customers and partners the capability to get MD5checksum information for software images. For more information visit Downloads section.
    • Protocols: REST Only.
  • Serial Number to Information API (Limited Availability)
    • Cisco’s customers and partners today use Cisco hosted web applications to gather product information using serial numbers for products either already installed at a customer site or being considered for new purchases. While serial numbers are normally unique within a product family, they are not always unique across all Cisco devices (for example, devices from companies acquired by Cisco). Therefore, it is necessary and required to track both the serial number and the product identifier (PID) to uniquely identify a network device. The Cisco Serial Number to Information API assists customers and partners in identifying an orderable PID and coverage status based on a serial number.
    • Protocols: REST Only.

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This new way of delivering support information empowers customers and partners to use the Cisco data in a new and innovative way to increase their productivity and add new values to their business. The beauty of this approach is its flexibility. It specifically leverages Cisco's strength in delivering rich knowledge while giving choice to the customer or partner in how they want to consume it. This foundational work also provides the reference for future customer-facing and partner-facing web services & applications that will enable our customers and partners to better support Cisco products, networks, applications within their business processes and systems.

 Access to Cisco Support APIs

If you are a PSS Partner or SNTC Customer or ServiceGrid Customer, then you automatically qualify for access to Cisco Support APIs. Please logon to Cisco API Console using your CCO credentials to start accessing Cisco Support APIs.

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Want to shape the evolution of Support APIs or Need a new API?

Please contact Alok Patel ( to request a new Support API or to stay ahead of the curve and participate in upcoming Support APIs and shape the evolution of Cisco’s Support APIs portfolio.